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When you work with Axway, you can be confident that our award-winning solutions will empower your business to thrive in the digital economy.

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When you work with Axway, you can be confident that our award-winning solutions will empower your business to thrive in the digital economy.

IT modernization: Speed innovation, improve security, and reduce costs

Learn why and how IT leaders are tackling IT modernization. This eBook summarizes:

Can your company withstand supply chain disruption?

Supply chain disruption calls for IT modernization that's designed to provide business continuity in the face of unforeseen change. To maximize ROI, you need to unlock the value trapped inside your legacy systems without a huge investment in people, resources, or infrastructure overhaul. And the good news is that it can be done in parallel with a digital transformation programme.

Axway can help.   
Axway's API-first approach helps companies like BAE Systems make the most of the infrastructure you already have to modernize your supply chain processes and unleash data safely on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid combination — without heavy upfront investment.

What's more, we streamline the process of connecting your external partners to your ERP system — cutting onboarding time from days to just hours. So, you not only beat disruption but also your competitors by delivering on your SLAs come what may. The true value of an effective supply chain lies primarily in the loyalty and competitiveness to be gained from exceptional customer experience.

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End-to-end supply chain visibility is only the beginning.

The beauty of open banking is that your data cross-pollinates to an entire ecosystem of related services, bringing your customers an experience that gives them greater control wherever and whenever they are. Same branch. Countless blooms.

A missed component? A delayed shipment? The tiniest thing can turn a normally reliable supply chain into chaos….but chaos can be avoided by having total visibility into all of your data every step of the way. Axway strengthens every link in your supply chain with real-time awareness all the way to a great customer experience. We’ll show you the path to modernization and help you move a hundred times your weight.

You might not know it, but Axway is an integral part of everyday life. See how we quietly work behind the scenes to digitally transform enterprises of all sizes.

Equinor Transforms Digitally with AMPLIFY B2Bi

Managing certificates for secure B2B exchange and messaging was a challenge for the second largest gas supplier in Europe in a highly-regulated industry. With Axway, the company can publicize any event impacting gas availability and delivery with certified capability provided by Axway AMPLIFY B2Bi.

Even if you have a B2B IT-focused strategy for your legacy technology, you may not have the ability to handle supply chain disruption. By combining Axway AMPLIFY API Management with Axway’s Open Platform you get a scalable and cohesive integration strategy that delivers complete end-to-end control and governance for all transactions so you can avoid disruption and ensure your supply chain gives you a strong competitive advantage.

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At its core, consumer product supply chains have to withstand disruption while providing end-to-end visibility and airtight security. That’s what your company's customers expect. We’d love to have a conversation about how Axway can help you deliver.

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Supply chain disruption: Legacy technology alone just won't cut it

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•Why failing to modernize is not an option
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